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5 Main Types of Whiskey

Did you read my last blog post? I recommended some of my favorite Dive Bar cocktails.

One “Whiskey Times” reader noticed a few of said cocktails were made with single malt whiskey and reached out asking about the difference between “malt” whiskeys and others.

That conversation led me to want to discuss the five main types of whiskey.

Did you know that whiskey is usually transferred from one distillery to another during the distillation process? Single malt whiskey is made using only one type of grain and distilled in a single distillery. However, if it is moved before being finished, it cannot be classified as single malt whiskey (although some brands slip through on technicalities).

Many whiskey lovers prefer single malt because the limitations on movement give the drink a regional flavor, with each distillery providing a distinct taste.

Blended malt whiskey is a combination of various single malt whiskeys made in separate distilleries. Sometimes, the blending of two delicious malts yields amazing results!

If you're looking for something different, blended whiskey is the way to go. Almost any whiskeys can be mixed together during the creation of a blended whiskey, with very few exceptions. While some people associate blended whiskey with inferiority, it's here that you'll find some truly unique flavor combinations that can't be achieved with a single malt.

At the March Whiskey Club, I blended all six of the whiskeys we tried, and it created a delicious combination! Don’t tell anyone, but I preferred all six of them mixed vs. individually.

Single Cask whiskey is a whiskey bottled from one distillery cask. Limiting the whiskey to a single cask helps preserve the cask's unique flavor, as taste can differ even within the same distillery.

Cask Strength (or barrel proof) is a whiskey that skips the dilution process and is instead bottled straight from the cask. This type of whiskey packs a serious punch! Literally! They punch the barrel with a wooden mallet to open it.

All whiskey types have unique flavor profiles and are as diverse as the regions in which they are produced. Bourbon, Irish, Scotch, and Japanese whiskeys are all distinct types with their own set of standards and characteristics.

The best way to explore the world of whiskey is to taste as many different types as possible. Expand your whiskey knowledge at next month’s Whiskey Club, June 19 @ 6pm. Get your tickets before they sell out.

Until next time, cheers!

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