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Hand-Crafted Whiskey Cocktails

I don’t want to jinx it, but it looks like we might get to have a spring season this year, which means perfect patio weather! You know what’s perfect on a nice, sunny day in May? A hand-crafted Dive Bar cocktail featuring one of the delicious whiskeys we keep on hand, served to you on our patio.

“Wherever there’s a patio and good whiskey,” is what I always say when my buddies ask me where we’re doing drinks. Dive Bar…here we come!

Our Spirits Menu features some great, hand-crafted cocktails, and includes four options with whiskey:

The Whiskey Sour

Something new patrons of Dive Bar don’t know -- we make all the syrups we use in our cocktails in house. The next time you come into the place, check out the bottles on the bar. You’ll see them all lined up there. This includes our hand-crafted Whiskey Sour, made with Yellowstone whiskey, Dive Bar’s house-made simple syrup, freshly squeezed lemon & lime, egg whites and bitters.

Deliciously frothy!
Dive Bar Whiskey Sour

Next up is the Manhattan. Did you know this drink has been around since the 1880s?!? It was allegedly invented by a man named Dr. Iain Marshall who was responsible for crafting cocktails at a party hosted by Winston Churchill’s mother, Lady Randolph Churchill (Source: Spirit of York Distillery Co. ). Over the years, bartenders have made it many ways, but here at Dive Bar, we make it with Angels’ Envy, bitters, sweet vermouth & cherry. Perfect!

Makes you feel fancy.
The Manhattan

Hamilton’s Envy

Another hand-crafted cocktail featuring Angel’s Envy, is Hamilton’s Envy. A delicious mix of Angel’s Envy and Hamilton’s Pimento Rum with hints of lemon, nutmeg and smoky chocolate. If you’ve never heard of this pimento rum, it’s a liqueur made with fermented molasses and Jamaican pimento, AKA “allspice”. I can feel that island breeze blowing on my face right now!

The Old Fashioned

I saved the best for last. The Old Fashioned is how I got my introduction to whiskey and bourbon a few years ago. In my opinion, it’s the perfect cocktail for someone who isn’t sure if they like whiskey but wants to give it a try. The sweetness of it takes the bite off. The Dive Bar Old Fashioned is made with Stranahan’s Blue Peak single malt whiskey, muddled sugar and orange slice, bitters and a cherry.

Fun Fact: It’s proofed with Rocky Mountain water. You may be ordering this at Dive Bar, but it will make you feel like you’re drinking it in the Colorado Rockies! It’s so incredibly smooth on the way down, it’s easy to drink two or three of these!

Did I mention it's my favorite?
The Old Fashioned

Now, before you go and switch out the whiskey in these drinks to something different, we recommend you try it the way we make it first, then you can switch it up next time.

We look forward to seeing you at Dive Bar soon! Remember, follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on everything going on, including the next Whiskey Club, happening next week on May 15!

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