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Try it both ways!

Updated: 4 days ago

Do you want it with or without? Maybe you’re not sure. ​ What even are we talking about? Whiskey, of course! Or is it whisky, without the “e”? ​ Welcome to The Long Pour: Whiskey Times! We are thrilled to bring Dive Bar customers something new – an official blog! Written with the novice whiskey drinker in mind, our goal with The Long Pour is to open your eyes and expand your taste buds to all thing’s whiskey – fun facts, histories, recommendations, recipes and more – all about whiskey, scotch, bourbon, rye – you catch our drift. You can expect to see The Long Pour in Dive Bar newsletters, our social media channels and our website. Settle in, plug in and connect with Dive Bar. Stay abreast – like the Redbreast Whiskey we sell – on all things related to Dive Bar, including The Long Pour. Sign up for our email newsletters and follow Dive Bar on Facebook and Instagram. Go ahead and do that now. We’ll wait… Welcome back! Now that you’re signed up for everything Dive Bar, here’s your first lesson on whiskey. ​

Location, location, location.

That’s one of the main differences between whiskey and whisky. Most Irish and U.S. distilleries spell their brands “whiskey” with an e. Scotland, Canada and several other countries, spell their “whisky” without the e.

While location is one difference, once you get into scotch, bourbons and ryes, you’ll start to taste the difference, too. We’ll cover more on that in future installments of The Long Pour. In the meantime, attend the Dive Bar Whiskey Club. The Dive Bar Whiskey Club offers an experience like no other. Every third Monday, the Whiskey Club provides you with an in-depth look at some of our favorite spirits. Enjoy a delicious meal while we showcase 5 whiskeys, bourbons, scotches and/or ryes. ​ Get your tickets to the March Whiskey Club now! Tickets sell fast and we have sold out the last two months!

Keep in touch with us. We would love to hear from you, too! If you have certain topics or things you want to learn or talk about, email us at

In the meantime, come in to Dive Bar and start sampling the whiskey and whisky we have on the wall. Many people think that whiskey may not be for them, but we’re here to say that whiskey is for everyone!


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